You are our mission!

The Small Business Savior

Advertising Educators is an agency designed to help small businesses succeed in marketing their products. Christopher Mee, the company's founder, has been a small business entrepreneur. He knows the struggles of the business owner who works dawn 'til dusk just to keep shop – and then has to figure out the particulars of marketing his product.

We're here to help you, to ensure that you do not fail as a business owner. We have a national staff of professionals who dedicate their skills to formulating your marketing plan and implementing it to bring you more customers.

But we aren't one of the marketing/advertising giants that you can't afford. We aren't going to leave you to sink. We take the time to research your market, your business, and how to defeat your competition.

We want you to feel great about the money you're spending to advertise your product, and we guarantee that's just how you'll feel. Contact us now to see just how little it takes to get started.

Right Where You Need To Be

The primary thrust of our operation is shifting you from traditional advertising media (TV, radio, the Yellow Pages, newspapers) to get you noticed in places people are actually spending their time. Places like Facebook. Places like Google. We get you visibility online through powerful Search Engine Optimization, Youtube campaigns, original written content, social media marketing…anywhere people will see you online.

We show you how to eliminate print ad waste and get your business noticed through online advertising. We'll get you on the top blogging platforms, video sites, local directories, press release sites, and social media outlets. We have a staff that can create everything from a new website to Youtube videos to a custom-tailored blog
on your website.

Quite simply, we do all the research and work you just don't have time for.

Our Promise

We are proud to deliver you the best. Read our testimonials to see what our customers are saying about their results with our marketing campaigns. You'll quickly find out why they're not using a non-local advertising giant and why they're using us to get them noticed online.

We promise that you'll love the results. We have a 100% Money Back guarantee if we don't get you the results we promise. Don't wait. Ask now how we can help you stay in the game.